Fish Fossil (Green River Formation)

Fish Fossil (Green River Formation)

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Fossil : Phareodus Testis.

Locality : Fossil Lake, Kremmer, Wyoming.

This is an extremely well preserved specimen of this rare species of fish from the very famous Green River Formation. The Green River Formation covers parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming and is one of the largest lake type fossil deposits in the world.  The fossils that come out of this area are world famous.  It takes very specific conditions for such amazing preservation to occur like this one where even much of the soft tissue fossilized as well. The Phareodus was a preditor, but supposedly also a scavenger that would dig up the bottom of the lake with its strong lower fin.

This fossil comes with a custom frame and plaque stating the specific type of fish.  The overall measurements are 20" x 18" and the actual fish fossil measures 7" long.