About Us

Foxtail Gallery opened its doors just after Thanksgiving in 2007 as a means to share a life long passion for earth's natural treasures. We're located in Old Town Clovis, California, a quaint slow-paced neighborhood filled with shops, restaurants and plenty of good hometown charm.  You'll find an impressive selection of minerals, gemstones, fossils, meteorites, and petrified wood in our brick and mortar store.  Online, you'll find a curated selection of treasures we can ship directly to you. 

Interest and Collecting
The wonderful thing about gemstones, minerals, and fossils is that everyone can appreciate them in one way or another. You don't have to have a geology degree to see the beauty in a perfectly clear quartz crystal from Brazil, or a vivid blue aquamarine crystal that formed with a jet black tourmaline crystal from Namibia. For the budding rock collector, we have examples of minerals that start as low as $2.00 per piece. For the serious collector, we have high end specimens in perfect condition with well documented histories about where they came from and what collections they've been in.


Gift Ideas
If you have a friend or family member who is hard to shop for (You know... that person who already has everything!), Foxtail Gallery has something truly unique and one of a kind that will make a wonderful gift. Large, small, budget friendly, investment worthy - we've got it all.  You'll find gemstones for that person who loves a little sparkle in their lives.  Are they a little more sentimental and down to earth?  Perhaps they'd like their birthstone in raw form. We've got a fantastic selection of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets for those who like to wear their rocks.  And for your littles (and those who never grew up) we have a great selection of petrified dinosaur poop!  If you can't decide, we have gift certificates, as well.


Design and Decor
Minerals and fossils open up a whole different realm of possibilities when used in interior design. Because they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures they are well suited to any and all design aesthetics.  No matter what vintage your home and decor are or what you are drawn to on a personal level, there is a mineral specimen or fossil display that will compliment you and your space perfectly. Browse our online offerings or visit our gallery in person to view pieces that will bring both positive energy and exceptional beauty to your home or workplace.


Since the beginning of humankind, people have been drawn to the various treasures the earth has produced. Many believe the natural energy produced by rocks and crystals is curative in nature and that different elements are a conduit for healing physical, spiritual, and psychological ailments.  If you are looking for a certain mineral or are looking to learn more about the metaphysical properties of rocks and crystals, chances are good we have the stone, crystal or book you are looking for. 


We carry some of the finest minerals in their raw form and stones cut to perfection available for purchase. For the rock savvy collector looking for an investment worthy piece, our knowledgable staff can assist you in finding the right investment grade item to match your price-point and personal preference.  There really is nothing better than investing in something tangible and beautiful that will grow in monetary value over time.  Some of the items we have in our collection, that fit this bill, include natural gold nuggets from California and Australia, museum quality meteorites, exceptional mineral specimens from every corner of the earth, and exquisite gemstones, such as emeralds, opals, tanzanites, and garnets, cut by the most skilled lapidaries in the trade.